If you anticipate graduating at the end of the upcoming semester, it is important to request a final degree check from the records specialist. The final degree check is an intensive audit of all graduation requirements (coursework and otherwise). The records specialist will communicate the results of your final degree check to you via your @nmsu.edu student email address, notifying you of any impediments to your graduation.

Please note that this form is only applicable to current undergraduate Las Cruces campus Business College students and students pursuing the associate of pre-business degree from a New Mexico State University community college campus.

Indicate the programs you anticipate completing:

Associate of Pre-Business


Information Systems

International Business

Economics (Bachelor of Arts)

Economics (Bachelor of Business Admin)


General Business

General Business: Entrepreneurship

Management: Human Resource Management

Management: Managerial Leadership

Management: Project & Supply-Chain Management

Management: Small Business & Entrepreneurship


PGA® Golf Management